Ram Mangal
Heart Foundation


Ram Mangal Heart Foundation

Ram Mangal Heart Foundation is a leading cardiac hospital and rehabilitation center based in Pune. The organization has been doing pretty well because of their specialized treatment procedures. The hospital is driven by the famous cardiac surgeon, Dr. Ranjit Jagtap.

Dr. Ranjit Jagtap is a very well renowned and respected cardiac surgeon with umpteen number of years of experience in Cardiac Ailment related diagnosis and surgeries. The hospital is looking forward to growing their patient experience and their visibility to their future customers.

In addition to this, during the pandemic, they were recognised as one of the few Covid 19 free hospitals in Pune with a record of maintaining their track records. However the same information was not reaching to the needful and bridging channels.The idea was to drive numbers along with a better communication channel.

RMHF although a big name was lacking in their communication and marketing strategies. The focus was to cure patients, however the ideas weren't reaching out to the intended public.

The gap was to address these issues with a better marketing and execution plan and a higher element of focus on "Patient Experience".

Marketing over Long Term Evolution (MoLTE) is a Cognilements methodology which is a key to address any marketing challenges in any organization. Our way of addressing challenges is to optimize the Visualization and Business Experiences.

Cognilements with their experiences of designing end to end solutions has created a road map to reach out to the last mile patient and make them aware about RMHF through various marketing methods. In addition to this Cognilements is also taking care of their awareness program which will address their current challenge of lower occupancy numbers.

These strategies would result in connecting to a million patients across Maharashtra. Each time, we would strive to reach out to higher number of patients every calendar year to solve their problems.

These all can be achieved by word of mouth and helping the patients to understand the need of connecting to the right team.