Fitelya team approached Cognilements for designing of a fitness application. However the idea is to compete with all the exisiting in the list of fitness apps in the market. They had better calculations in mind, however things were not shaping up to compete in the market.

Their major focus was:

  • Fitness Application working on Mobile Devices
  • The major method was to work on BMR.
  • Target to reach pan India.
  • Increase downloads
  • Wish to make a global experience
  • Our understanding of the problem was to connect various kinds of fitness enthusiast by better experential designs and reaching and building a solution which will reach to every nook and corner in India. We also understood that we need to manage various aspects like Time Management, Low interned bandwidth, Internet Skill sets of users, Maintaining engagement levels, etc.

    Cognilements as a consulting and advisory partner worked on various aspects to build the game plan for Fitekya team. Starting from bringing a new change in the fitness ecosystem, we have decided to work on something, and the mantras are "What People understands", "Dont change their habbits" and "Vernacular communication".

    With Fitekya, Cognilements approach was to do following:

  • Product and Marketing Strategy
  • Market Research
  • Product Development with latest tech stack like AI
  • Operational strategy
  • Product upliftment
  • A platfrom designed to gain more fitness enthusiast. People connecting and referring to onboard more users Impact: Tu Fit hain Kya ??? ( Are You Fit)