World’s First VR Expo

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World’s First VR Expo

World’s First VR Expo - Technofox Sponsored by ICICI Bank and Rebel Foods.

World’s first Virtual Reality Exposition for the Pune Real Estate market was a revolution which we introduced as a new way of marketing. Cognilements have always focused on the best of the experience a Customer can witness. Our introduction of MoLTE i.e. Marketing Over Long Term Evolution has given the real estate developers to market their products across the globe and for customers it was all about the experience which constituted attributes like Convenience, mobility, ease of exploration, engaging, etc

The motive behind the event was Expo on the couch which allows users to explore the features and benefits of real estate products in virtual reality. The Expo which we hosted had attracted 120K+ views across the globe and in turn, 25 projects ranging from a few lakhs to multiples of crores in Indian currency were on display.

Well, it was not only the visualization part, however, the idea was also beyond marketing the product. The idea was to give the sales team a better edge for sales with Cogni's Behaviour Analysis. The Business Development Unit of the marketer get behavioural analysis of the potential buyer and thus a better understanding of the right customer and allowing them to propose the best proposal to negotiate and close.


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